Emo Dating

Music and lifestyle play a huge role in deciding who to spend time with and what activities you might want to enjoy together. If you prefer to beat to your own drum, live outside the box and create your own style, you might want to check out emo dating.

Finding new people to hang with, and especially that one person you want to spend a majority of your time with, can be a nerve racking and scary process. Having the ability to screen people before meeting them in person can have its advantages. Meeting people online gives you a chance to get to know them a little bit to determine compatibility before the first date. If you are part of the emo sub-culture, you probably want to meet somebody who has similar views to you.

The emo group is often defined by the type of music they prefer and the clothing and style choices they make. Since dating is much easier when you find a companion that likes the same types of things you do and chooses the same lifestyle you do, making online emo connections may be the way to go. To many, the emo style is considered an alternative lifestyle. Emo’s tend to be into punk and funk. There is a sub-genre of emo music called “screamo.” The emo lifestyle is reflected in shoes and clothing, hairstyle, attitude and definitely in music. Emo is an expression of life cultivated through a group of people who stand out in the crowd. If you beat to the emo drum, you probably want to find a companion that dances to your rhythm.

There are several emo dating websites on the internet. These sites specialize in helping you find that perfect someone to groove with. Do you rock to Jimmy Eat World, Hawthorne Heights or Dashboard Confessional? Is Hot Topic one of your favorite stores? Does your hair contain more than two colors that required dye to put them there? If you are an emo and are looking for that perfect someone, check out emo dating. Some of the popular sites include:


Emo’s are a group of people, usually teen’s and young adults, who have similar beliefs about culture and society. The name originated in the 1980’s from the emotional hardcore genre. This group was a spin off of hardcore and punk. The hardcore rock music tended to have emotional lyrics, which lead to the name emo. If you consider yourself part of this group, emo dating may be the avenue for you.

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